General conditions


Rental offers are for periods ranging from 2 nights to 3 months, per night, within the limits of the accommodation capacities inherent in the accommodation chosen. For stays of more than 3 months to 1 year, subject to the rules for furnished rentals from date to date, preferential rates and payment facilities by monthly installment may be offered to you.


Decreasing rates are granted depending on the length of stay.


Booking confirmation by deposit


A deposit of 30% or 15% (depending on the apartments) of the total amount of your rental is required to confirm it.

Payment of administration fees and cleaning fees are also due upon booking.


The deposit can be paid in 3 different ways:

-        Online via a secure payment system by credit card. By this payment, the reservation is immediately confirmed.

-        By sending a bank or postal check (for French residents). Your reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment by mail, which must reach us within 72 hours. Otherwise, the option will lapse and the availability of the apartment will no longer be guaranteed.

-        By bank transfer to STAY IN 


These last two payment choices are only possible in the case of a reservation made at least 15 days before entering the premises. For transfers, it is imperative to specify the contract number, the name of the tenant, the name of the apartment and the rental period.


In all cases, an e-mail confirming your stay reservation (with details and contact details of the accommodation) will be sent to you as soon as possible. You will be asked for a photocopy of your identity document.



Arrivals are in the accommodation between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

When making your reservation, we ask you to tell us your exact time of arrival so that one of our staff can wait for you on site. In the event of a delay, you must notify us to reorganize, either at the agency or at the telephone number which will have been mentioned to you in the email received when confirming your reservation.

Departures are between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Our counselor will meet you at the apartment at the time you have set for him, for the inventory and the collection of the keys.

Supplements will be billed to you in the event of:

  • Late not reported in advance (20 €)
  • Arrival or departure on a Sunday or a public holiday (€ 20, increased to € 50 on December 25 and January 1)
  • Arrival or departure outside reception hours (€ 30).

Unless expressly authorized by the host, guests who have not left the premises before the departure time will be billed at a rate of 100 € per hour beyond the departure time.


The lessor undertakes to bear major repairs such as these are defined in article 606 of the Civil Code. As a result, the tenant will agree to suffer during the rental of the premises, any work that would prove necessary regardless of the importance and duration, provided that they do not call into question the stay of the lessee.



The balance of your stay is to be paid on your arrival in the places:

-        Either in cash, necessarily in euros,

-        Either by bank or postal check payable to STAY IN, for French residents,

-        Or by bank transfer at least 5 days before arrival.

-        Either by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

-        For checks and transfers, it is imperative to specify the contract number, the name of the tenant, the name of the apartment and the rental period.


No key will be given without full payment for your stay.

The prices displayed are exclusive of cleaning and linen costs.

No additional costs will be charged to you for:

  • Water, gas and electricity (based on normal consumption for a home heated to 20 ° C. It is still possible to heat more, for a supplement calculated as accurately as possible, on actual consumption).
  • Internet subscriptions
  • Only the tourist tax (calculated per person and per night, and established by the Métropole de Toulouse) will be added to the rental price at the time of booking.


Payment of administration fees and cleaning fees are also due upon booking.


In the case of companies in account not respecting the jointly established payment deadlines, STAY IN reserves the right to claim the following costs:


  • Lump sum compensation for late payment: 40 €,
  • Management fees: € 70 per month late.

In the event of non-payment, STAY IN will apply the flat-rate compensation of € 40 for overdue charges.



An inventory in your presence is established when you take possession of the premises and when you leave. As such, a deposit will be requested, to prevent the apartment against any damage and possible theft.

The amount of the deposit depends on the size of the accommodation:


-        Rental

-        Rental> 3 months: 1 month's rent (deposit of garantee cash in) 


The deposit will be returned within a maximum of 15 days following departure if no degradation or damage has been observed in the apartment and if it is returned in a good state of cleanliness (with the bins emptied, the dishes clean and tidy ).

In the event of damage or theft, the owner or his representative undertakes to return to the customer the balance of the amount of the security deposit after deduction of the sums necessary for repairs and / or refurbishment and / or purchases, within a period of 60 days included following the return of the keys.

If the security deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference on supporting documents provided by the owner or his representative.

If the tenant loses the keys to the rented apartment, the owner or his representative will be obliged to change the cylinder of the door. The invoice will be payable by the tenant.

If it is impossible to carry out an inventory, upon arrival, the tenant takes responsibility for checking the content and reporting any anomaly, missing or degraded items within 24 hours of arrival. If no remark is made within this period, the tenant will be presumed to have received the rented premises in good condition with rental repairs and must return them as they are, unless proven otherwise (art. 1731 of the civil code).



Renter expressly acknowledges that any insurance for damage or loss of property which may be applied to the Accommodation does not cover Renter's personal property, and that Renter is responsible for taking out his own insurance. He is required to be covered by a resort insurance contract for rental risks (theft, fire, water damage).

The Tenant expressly assumes the risk of damage to himself, to his property, to the rented part and to any other visitor resulting from his use of the Accommodation and common areas. Renter must indemnify and hold harmless the host, the owner and all affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors, successors or assigns of the host, from all liability or loss or damage of any kind. nature whatsoever arising out of, relating to or in connection with the Renter's use of the Accommodation and / or common areas, including, but not limited to, any claim of liability for personal injury or damage or the loss of property which is made, incurred or suffered by the Renter, or any visitor to the Accommodation during the rental period.



When booking and signing their contract, the tenant agrees to respect the following rules:

  1. Maintain the Accommodation at all times in a good state of cleanliness.
  2. Do not smoke inside the Accommodation and properly dispose of any cigarette ends outside the Accommodation in a safe way, in bins or ashtrays, in respect of the common places and areas. No cigarette ends or rubbish should be thrown on the public highway, in common areas or on balconies and terraces.
  3. Not to cause or create a nuisance or to interfere in any other way with the quiet enjoyment of the other occupants of the building in which the Accommodation is located. Any unauthorized party and any disturbance to the neighborhood will be billed in addition for an amount of 200 €
  4. Do not bring pets or other animals into the Accommodation without the host's prior consent. A supplement of 20 € / night will be applied in the event of non-compliance with the regulations.
  5. Do not move or rearrange furniture or appliances inside the Accommodation.
  6. Comply with all applicable laws.
  7. Leave The Accommodation in a suitable condition. Any abuse requiring intervention by our cleaning teams beyond the usual cleaning time of the apartment will be billed in addition at the rate of 32 € / hour. This includes, for example (non-exhaustive list), if the dishes are left dirty in the sink, tables not cleared, waste and bottles left as is in the apartments and any abuse outside the scope of a stay respectful of the place and the work of our teams.
  8. The user to internet access undertakes not to use this access for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communicating to the public works or objects protected by copyright. or by a neighboring right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization. The user is informed that sharing software, when connected to the internet, can automatically make downloaded files available. If sharing software has been used to download copyrighted works, then it is best to disable it.


Any request for an extension of stay must be specified to us in writing.

If the accommodation is still available upon receipt of the request, the tenant will be notified and an extension estimate will be sent to him for approval:


▪       For tenants already in place, the formalities (signature of the contract and payment of the rent) must be carried out at STAY IN located at 5 Rue Antoine Darquier in Toulouse. 

▪       For companies with an account, the signature of the contract and the payment must reach us within 10 days maximum after receipt of the extension offer.





At the initiative of the customer: 

Any cancellation must be notified to the lessor by registered letter.

Cancellation before the arrival of the premises: The deposit remains with the lessor, who may request the balance of the amount of the stay if the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the scheduled date of entry into the premises.

If the stay is shortened, the full amount of the rental remains due. No refund will be made.

At the initiative of the lessor: 

In the event of exceptional inaccessibility of the accommodation on the agreed dates, the lessor undertakes to relocate the client to accommodation of the same or higher category, as close as possible to that initially chosen, under the pricing conditions provided for in the contract.

In the event that this change could not take place, the lessor will repay the customer all sums paid. 


 In the case of companies in account not respecting the jointly established payment deadlines, Stay in reserves the right to claim the following costs:

-        Lump sum compensation for late payment: 40 €,

-        Management fees: 70 € per month of delay.

In the event of non-payment, Stay in will apply the flat-rate compensation of € 40 for overdue charges. 


We do not guarantee:

▪       The accuracy, quality, completeness of the website, information or offers from third parties

▪       That the website and information will be free of errors, viruses, disruption and victims of unauthorized use or hackers.

The user acknowledges being fully informed of the difficulties inherent in the use of the Internet (network disruption, variability of speeds, technical breakdowns of means of communication outside of Stay In). Thus, the responsibility of Stay in can under no circumstances be sought for any of these difficulties.

STAY IN reserves the right to modify these T & Cs at any time, as of right and without formalities.


All data and information contained on this site are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights protection. The total or partial reproduction of the documents on the site is authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use; any reproduction or any use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited and may constitute an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

The laws which govern this site are the French laws and the competent courts are the French courts.

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